Chris Goode & Company : Weaklings

October 29, 2015 @ 7:30 pm
Axis Theatre
£8 (£5 Concessions) - axis 16+
Weaklings Chris Goode & Company and Warwick Arts Centre

Photo Credit: ©Richard Davenport

Dennis Cooper is an award-winning American writer: a novelist, poet, performance writer, critic and curator. Since 2005, Cooper has directed much of his creative attention towards his blog, DC’s: a space in which, day after day, he details and reflects on his enthusiasms – his favourite writers, bands, visual artists; abandoned buildings, theme parks, haunted houses, serial killers, vintage gay porn, extreme BDSM.

Over the past decade this blog space has become a point of contact for Cooper’s many fans and this ad hoc community of readers has become a fascinating site of dialogue, argument, collaboration, and transgressive performance.

Weaklings is inspired by Dennis Cooper’s work in general, and by the form and nature of the blog space in particular – the intention is to reimagine the DC’s blog as a realworld space. Weaklings will be a full-length cross-media performance piece for an ensemble of four performers, that will create a space in which, as in Cooper’s fiction, the distinctions between reality and fantasy/offline and online/performance and ‘real life’ are not always stable, opening up into a profound experimental engagement with the ethics of representation, participation and voyeurism.

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