Duet & How to be a woman (in 2014) – H2Dance & Sharon Smith

November 4, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
Axis Dance
£8 (£5 Concessions)
Box Office
0161 247 5302

Duet H2DanceDuet is a witty autobiographical journey across the fault lines of a working relationship and the personal sacrifices behind careers making dances together. It is created and performed by Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard of h2dance and based on their ongoing couple therapy. The work, a collaboration with Wendy Houstoun, dissects the double act, the notions of being a twosome, its power struggles and compromises.

How to be a woman (in 2014)

How to be a woman (in 2014) is written and performed by Sharon Smith, and performed by Jenna Smith, Margaret McDonnell and Sharon Smith.

Do you like dancing? What is a record player? Does technology make you free? What is freedom? Are you a feminist? Can you be whoever you want to be? Sharon Smith interviews her 90 year old granny and her 12 year old niece, looking back and looking forwards to try to make a map of what it means to be a woman (in 2014). Using a little dance, song and witchcraft they weave their projections of an unknown future.

Sharon Smith is a performance artist who works between theatre, dance and video. She is a core member of the arts collective Gob Squad.