Fairhall, Dias, Blain and Hunter

February 5, 2018 – February 9, 2018 all-day

Music, Film and Improvisation

This Open Space residency presents work by a new Practice-as-Research group comprised of Dr Adam Fairhall, Dr Jose Dias, Dr Martin Blain and Anton Hunter, a PhD candidate at MMU Cheshire. Developing collaborative work and individual but interlinked practices, the group explore ways in which composed music, improvised music and film may work together.

Areas covered include the shared metaphors of music and film, from ‘texture’ to ‘narrative’; the re-visiting of historical tropes from silent comedy piano music to highlight the mutability of codes, and the use of ensemble improvisation to re-invigorate silent film accompaniment.

The residency will also feature a presentation by Anton Hunter on his PhD research, which addresses the challenges of composing for large groups of improvisers, and has already resulted in acclaimed and widely-toured work.