Reckless Sleepers: Schrödinger

October 19, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Axis Theatre
£8, (£5 concessions).

In 1933 Erwin Schrodinger won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to Quantum Mechanics. He imagined a box in which a cat can be both living and dead, at the same time. In 1998 Reckless Sleepers built that box – and now nearly twenty years later, they are climbing back inside.

In one of the company’s most celebrated performance pieces the laws of gravity, logic and existence are made, bent and then broken – the impossible is probable, truth and illusion are inseparable. Schrodinger is a visually mesmerizing performance that sways between question and answer, between chaos and order, between what we can pin down and what we can’t.

‘Haunting, beautiful, dramatic… That black box might well, in the final analysis, be a metaphor for the mind, but it is also a space for gripping physical theatre.’ The Guardian