This is not a magic show : by Vincent Gambini

October 16, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
Great Budworth Village Hall
Smithy Ln
Northwich CW9 6HL
Telephone or email to book tickets
01606 891019 or 01606 891571

[Photo credit: Augusto Corrieri]

Forget everything you know about magic and magicians…

Now remember it all again.

This is not a magic show is a performance of and about sleight-of-hand magic:
its invisible mechanics, its clichés, and what it tells us about live theatre and make-believe.
In a conversational yet crafted approach, Vincent Gambini presents astonishing close-up
magic that invites us to question how enchantment and wonder are produced within a
theatrical situation.

Vincent Gambini is an award-winning magician. Based in Brighton and London,
his speciality is sleight-of-hand with cards and coins, performed at very close quarters.
When still a teen, Vincent won 1st prize at the Italian Close-up Magic competition.
In 2001 he gained entry to the Magic Circle by writing a thesis called ‘Deconstructing
Magic’ which, as a title, does a good job of describing his show. In his spare time he writes
and makes performance art under the pseudonym Augusto Corrieri.

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Limited capacity.