With All We Know / Reckless Sleepers Special Event

February 7, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
Axis Theatre
With All We Know / Reckless Sleepers Special Event @ Axis Theatre

Marking the Moment
A special event by Reckless Sleepers incorporating
with all we know
Thursday 7 February : 7.30pm : Axis Theatre

Over the years Reckless Sleepers have presented 13 performances at Axis/Alsager Arts Centre, more than any other company or artist. This is their last one, and they are not going to miss to the opportunity to mark the occasion.

Nothing to do with the fact that company member Kevin Egan will be 40 on this day, Reckless are gathering the company once again to say good bye to Axis, and to present one more performance piece – With all we know by Leen Dewilde.

If you hold your hand in a certain way in front of you, you can’t help but see Botticelli’s Venus. If you turn your back then perhaps a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, turn your head to one side then a girl with a pearl earring. In With all we know the performers force themselves to take their time, allowing the tension of a garment to take the lead, restricting the fluid movement of an ordinary day to day action.

In 2011 Reckless Sleepers’ Leen Dewilde created the extraordinary A String Section, a piece which continues to tour internationally. Now at the end of the Axis Arts Centre they are presenting the premiere of its successor.

Concept: Leen Dewilde
Performers: Lisa Kendall, Caroline D’Haese, Leen Dewilde
Dramaturg: Mole Wetherell

Supported by City of Ghent, Kaap Brugge, Citymoves Aberdeen, Almeira Foundation Evora, Reckless Sleepers.

Performance tickets £8 (£5 all concessions)
Offer card (Buy 4 tickets for the price of 3) £24 (£15 concessions)
Box Office 0161 247 5302
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