Pocketclub 26th Feb by Elliot Garlick

One thing that I love about writing reviews is that I get a unique perspective. Tickets, DVDs, books-as long as someone wants it reviewed, I can talk to authors, performers or even directors.

But I’ll admit, when it comes to music I’m a little meh. I don’t hate it, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

So when I was asked to review Poketclub’s Axis performance, I had mixed feelings.

Woooo! Interesting!

Meh. Music.

However (and that is a BIG however), after the first few minutes I knew I was in for a fantastic show.

Although the Camden-based ‘Pocketclub’ (that’s near London for all those Northerners out there) were headlining, the supporting act was one of our own, an MMU student named Eva Richardson.



Until the end of her set, I had absolutely no idea that she was a student. Mixing some cool, indie-electro-pop backing tracks with pre-recorded vocals, Eva gave a performance that would make hardened professionals soil themselves in terror.

After that kind of performance, I was dubious as to how ‘Pocketclub’ would hold up. I mean, it would be reaaally awkward if they got shown up by a student.

Luckily for everyone, the trio gave a stellar performance, with a cool indie-mashup style with clever, clear vocals as the perfect counterpoint.

The set was five songs long, and along with each track came a little story about its inception, what mindframe the writers had, what was going on in their lives at the time. It was a great look at how songs go from slightly deranged ramblings to a completed, catchy-as-hell indie music.

And all of their cool, easy-listening (yet strangely poignant) songs were accompanied by a multi-visual display projected onto a screen behind them, switching between kaleidoscope patterns, cells dividing and home-video. As a side note, they added the ‘Madonna Fall’ the DAY AFTER it happened.

Pretty impressive.

Altogether, the show was a well put-together piece, with strong performances both by the headline and the opener. The whole thing REEKS of professionalism, and  if I was asked to go again tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate.

– Elliot Garlick